Quick Couplers


Verga's long standing tradition in the using sophisticated modern technologies and analytical tools, then process the information to develop a prototype that undergoes exhaustive testing. In short, our elemental preliminary research is conducted with just one goal in mind: to anticipate and meet the diverse needs that users encounter under a variety of working conditions. Result in, high quality durable excavator attachments for machines from 1 ton to well over 80 ton weights has been built up a reputation for quality and service in the industry across many international markets. Our range of buckets is designed for a variety of applications, from the standard digging bucket through the heavy duty version to severe extreme duty versions.

  • Range : Buckets for machines from 1 ton to well over 80 ton weights - Loader - Skeed steer.
  • Type of Buckets : Trench Buckets, Digging Buckets, Wide Ditch Clenning Buckets, Skeleton Buckets, Tilt Buckets, 4in1 Buckets, Vibrating Buckets.

We also offer custom built buckets: mail us your drawings and technical specification. Our Design, R & D team, will be at your service to offer the best solution, Email us : sales@verga.biz