HR Policy

Employee Relations

VERGA believes that work conditions, wages, and benefits it offers to its employees are competitive with those offered by other employers in this industry. If employees have concerns about work conditions or compensation, they are strongly encouraged to voice these concerns openly and directly to their seniors.

Our experience has shown that if employees deal openly and directly with their seniors, the work environment can be excellent, communications can be clear, and attitudes can be positive.

We believe that VERGA amply demonstrates its commitment to employees by responding effectively to employee concerns.

In an effort to protect and maintain direct employer/employee communications, we will do anything we can to protect the right of employees to speak for themselves.

Equal Employment Opportunity

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunity to all individuals, employment decisions at VERGA will be based on merit, qualification, and abilities. VERGA does not discriminate in employment opportunities and practices based on race, colour, sex, state origin, age or any other characteristic protected by law.

This policy governs all aspects of employment including, selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training.

Any employees with question or concerns about any type of discrimination in the work place are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of their head of the department or HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in any type of unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Business Ethics and Conduct

The successful business operation and reputation of VERGA is built upon the principles of fair dealing and ethical conduct of our employees. Our reputation for the integrity and excellence requires careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a scrupulous regards for the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity.

The continued success of VERGA is dependent upon our customer's trust and we are dedicated to preserving that trust. Employees owe a duty to VERGA, its customers to act in a way that will merit the continued trust and confidence of the Public.

VERGA will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and expects its Directors, Managers, Executives, Engineers, and associated staff members to conduct business in accordance with the letter, sprit, and intent of all relevant laws and to refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct.

In general, the use of good judgment, based on high ethical principles, will guide you with respect to lines of acceptable conduct. If a situation arises where it is difficult to determine the proper course of action, the matter should be discussed openly with your immediate head of the department and, if necessary, with the DIRECTORS, for advice and consultation.

Compliance with this policy of business ethics and conduct is the responsibility of every VERGA employee & associated members.

Disregarding or failing to comply with this standard of business ethics and conduct could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination of employment.

Personal Relationships in Work Place

The employment of relatives or individuals involved in a dating relationship in the same area of an organization may causes serious conflicts and problems with favoritism and employee morale. In additions to claim in partiality in treatment at work, personal conflicts from outside the work environment can be carried over into day-to day- working relationships.

For purpose of this policy, a relative is any person who is related by blood or marriage. A dating relationship is defined as a relationship that may be reasonably expected to lead to the formation of consensual “romantic” relationship. This policy applies to all the employees and associated members without regard to gender.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees have an obligation to conduct business with in time line that prohibit to actual or potential conflicts of interest. This policy establishes only the frame work with in which VERGA wishes business to operate. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide general direction so that employees seek further clarification on issue related to the subject of acceptable standards of operation.

Transaction with outside firm must be conducted with in the framework established and controlled by Director Level of VERGA. Business dealings with outside firms should not result in unusual gains for those firms. Unusual gain refers to bribes; product bonuses, special fringe benefits, unusual price breaks, and other windfalls design ultimately benefit the employer, the employee, or both. Promotional plans that could be interpreted to involve unusual gain require specific Director Level approval.

No "presumption of guilt" is created by the mere existence of a relationship with outside firms. However, if employees have any influence or transactions involving purchases, contracts, or leases, it is imperative that they disclose to the Director of VERGA as soon as possible the existence of any actual or potential conflict of interest so that safeguards can be established to protect all parties.

Outside Employment

Employee may not hold any type of outside employment as long as they are associated with VERGA or an employee of VERGA.

Employee may not received any income or material gain form individuals outside VERGA for material produced or services rendered while performing their jobs.

Non Disclosure Agreement

The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and the success of VERGA. Such confidential information includes but is not limited to, the following examples :

  • Compensation data
  • Pending projects and proposal
  • Computer processes
  • Research and development strategies
  • Computer program & codes
  • Scientific data
  • Marketing strategies
  • Computer lists
  • Scientific formulae
  • Technological data
  • Scientific prototypes
  • Customer lists
  • Financial information
  • Human Resource strategies
  • New market research

All employees and associated members are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement as pre condition of employment. Employees or associated members who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and legal action, even if they do not actually benefits from the disclosed information.