Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Quality, Our Goal

Winning customers' trust is a matter of supplying high-quality products quickly, reliably, and economically. To achieve that goal, we have worked to standardize and streamline our production facilities while strengthening our quality control system. Every production line makes use of multifunctional automated equipment that provides integrated control of production planning. Lead time has been minimized through the introduction of small-lot, mixed flow production systems, and quality assurance has been upgraded with the introduction of an advanced, automated inspection system backed by highly trained quality assurance inspectors who perform the final check.

Expertise and knowledge of the best way of using are important to improve economy.

Selection of Multipurpose Steel

The use of Wear and Abrasion Resistant, Extra High Strength Excellent toughness Steel plates, well suited for Sturdy design, best service in extreme field conditions, much longer useful life.

Easy, quick fitting and easy operations are a some of few extraordinary features developed by our Engineers and Quality team with extensive research conducted on the field.

All important components are made from abrasion resistant, high tensile strength steel, wear resistant front blade, upgraded engaging tools (Tooth Points), Heat treated Pins & Bushes for easy mounting.

Advanced Welding Technology

Certified, quality welders assigned under the strict supervision of high theoretical engineers, trained for various special processes, selection, defect detection, to meet highest standards.

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